Herick de Haro Pineda

Sharing Stream was founded in 1996 by Herick De Haro Pineda at the age of 37. Since the age of 16, Herick developed a passion for graphic design and cybernetic mathematics. In 2010, he moved to Miami and officially registered Sharing Stream in the state of Florida. He believed that cybernetic engineering could be used to advance and facilitate the marketing aspect of a business.

With this vision in mind, he created SharingStream.com with the purpose of providing small businesses with the same quality, service, and customer support at a much more affordable price. With roots dating back over 28 years in Havana, and a large number of satisfied top-level clients and artists, SharingStream.com is the best choice for any type of business development or marketing. We are a firm capable of competing against any company in the United States in the sector.