Knowledge base

Based on our joint experience of more than 30 years in the development of multimedia applications, web pages, graphic design, television and Radio in Havana, Miami, and Los Angeles. We have concluded that we are at a critical moment thanks to the technological development that the internet industry has experienced, hardware development, high definition cameras and a set of cutting-edge technologies that have been developing in recent years. by different companies in the world that have transformed and will continue to transform the industry and the market. Knowing how to combine these techniques offers us flexibility according to the budget of each project. This offers us a unique opportunity as a company to bet on the right technology thanks to the great experience of our team, create multimedia content of minimum quality in 4k and insert it into the internet world at a production speed never seen before.
From the promotional point of view we don’t see anything more effective today. These new well combined techniques allow us to merge in a single medium, the promotion capabilities of internet tools with the ease and ability to communicate an entertaining and modern multimedia content with flexible production according to the technological and market news of our Times, establishing a greater competitive advantage is our maxim, from a promotional, commercial, company management and brand development point of view.